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Trends in Floral Design
What’s Blooming in 2023?

As 2023 enters it’s closing act, the world of floral design is flourishing with innovation and a resurgence of classic beauty. At Alyssa Maldonado Design, we are poised on the cusp of this floral renaissance, eagerly incorporating emerging trends that redefine our craft. Our passion drives us to curate designs that are deeply rooted in the emotional tapestry of our clients’ lives.

Current Trends: A Canvas of Colors and Styles

The contemporary floral scene is a dynamic interplay of tradition and avant-garde, a blend that promises to captivate the senses and ignite the imagination.

As the year progresses, we’re witnessing an evolution from the traditional bouquet to more immersive and interactive floral experiences. Designers are venturing beyond the confines of the vase, creating installations that envelop the observer, crafting environments that resonate with narrative and emotion. These floral constructs are architectural in scope and ambition, transforming venues into living stories.

The color trends of 2023 are a dialogue between the understated and the vibrant. We see a return to the comforting embrace of soft pastels—dusty pinks, serene lavenders, and ethereal blues—that evoke a sense of peace and continuity.

Our cherished classics—roses for their timeless elegance, peonies for their lush, romantic allure—continue to grace our arrangements. Yet, the floral frontier is expanding, with anthuriums making a statement with their striking, waxy sheen and sculptural beauty. Dried florals are also enjoying a renaissance, bringing with them an element of rustic charm and a whisper of nostalgia.

Incorporating Trends: Blending the New with Your Vision

The art of floral design is as much about innovation as it is about interpretation—melding the latest trends with the unique vision of our clientele.

For grandiose weddings, we weave trends into the tapestry of the event, ensuring that each installation complements the overarching theme and enhances the narrative arc of the celebration. In more intimate settings, these trends are distilled, serving as accents that enrich the personal connection and elevate the shared experience.

We at AMD believe that personal stories are the heartbeat of our designs. Trends serve as our palette, but it is the personal history, the shared laughs, and the whispered dreams that guide our hand. The truest form of beauty in our work is the reflection of the individuality of those we serve.

Predictions for the Future: The Next Wave of Floral Artistry

The future is a garden of endless possibility. We foresee a continued dedication to personalization, with designs that echo the voices of our clients. Sustainability will weave its way through the very fabric of our industry, as essential as the flowers themselves.

In the dance between the timeless and the contemporary, Alyssa Maldonado Design finds its rhythm. Our creations are a bridge between the enduring allure of nature’s gifts and the pulse of modernity. As we journey through the ever-changing landscape of floral design, our promise is to hold true to a vision that marries the timeless with the transient, ensuring that the moments we adorn with our art are both of the moment and for all time.

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