Weddings & Elopements

We Craft Unforgettable Floral Experiences for Every Wedding - Grand to Intimate

Embark on a journey with Alyssa Maldonado Design, where your wedding dreams blossom into reality. We believe every wedding, from grandiose celebrations to private elopements, deserves a unique touch of floral elegance. Our commitment is to craft bespoke floral designs that perfectly capture the essence of your love story and the spirit of your special day.

Luxury Wedding Celebrations

Tailored Floral Artistry for Unique Weddings

Imagine a wedding where every corner speaks your love language through florals. Our expertise in unique weddings allows us to create extravagant and luxurious floral arrangements, setting the stage for an awe-inspiring celebration that reflects your grand vision.

Transformative Floral Decor

Step into a space transformed by the magic of florals. We specialize in turning your wedding space into a floral haven, perfectly aligned with your theme and vision, ensuring that every guest feels enveloped in your love story.

Elevating Your Wedding Experience Through Bespoke Design

At AMD, we redefine the art of floral arrangements to elevate your wedding experience. Our focus goes beyond the ordinary; we immerse ourselves in the realms of color theory, floral varieties, and exquisite design to craft truly personalized floral narratives for your special day.

Bespoke Floral Design Services

Collaborate closely with us, share your inspirations, and witness our team transform your ideas into tangible, breathtaking realities. Our bespoke services ensure that every petal aligns with your narrative, creating a seamless blend of your dreams and our artistic expertise.

Where Innovation Meets Elegance

Our creations go beyond the expected, weaving together innovation and elegance. From avant-garde arrangements to timeless classics, our designs are a testament to our dedication. We understand that your wedding is uniquely you and each element should reflect the individuality that defines your love story.

Elopements & Micro Weddings

Personalized Floral Accents for Elopements

Elopements are the ultimate expression of personal love stories. We create bespoke bouquets and floral accents that speak to the heart of your intimate journey, adding a layer of romantic beauty to your private celebration.

Micro Wedding Floral Perfection

In the world of micro weddings, every detail counts. Our floral designs for small-scale weddings are thoughtfully crafted to complement the intimacy of your occasion, ensuring that even the most modest celebration radiates with personal charm and elegance.

Your Vision, Our Artistry

Indulge in the Ultimate Floral Experience

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