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     Alyssa Maldonado Design is a bespoke design studio based in Orlando Florida that provides full-service florals for weddings, elopements, and other events to celebrate those special moments. We focus on appreciating the unique qualities of each individual organic element while letting the lush, intricate florals speak for themselves.

     Our practical knowledge of botanicals, color theory, and design will immerse your guests in a world of your own.

AMD does more than florals, we create your dream landscape with an unabridged design approach.

Wedding package includes anything you can dream up, such as personals, ceremony, cocktail, and reception florals. Package is customizable, and can include: 

– Visual Proposal and Mood Board

– Face to face consultation with Alyssa

– Designer on retainer throughout entire process

– Venue or site visit with Alyssa

– Anything you can dream up!

We totally understand that things aren’t going the
way we all had planned. You and your love are
adaptable and still want to make it official! We love it,
and we’re here for it! Package is customizable, and can include:

  – Visual proposal and mood board 

  – Personals (bouquets and boutonnières) 

  – Face to face consultation with Alyssa

We are able to assist with any floral or design needs, no matter the occasion. 

Hello! My name is Alyssa.

I'm a designer specializing in florals and ceramics.
Alyssa Maldonado

Alyssa Maldonado

Owner / Designer

Kind, detailed and immersive,
AMD builds eclectic serenities inspired by the dark romantics of Edwardian-era England and the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands.”

We’re here to consult, guide, and help you create a beautiful wedding plan for you and your significant other. Let’s dream together!

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