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Welcome to AMD, where our passion for design meets your unique vision, creating spaces that tell your story.

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Our Mission

At AMD, our mission is to transcend the ordinary and craft an extraordinary scene for your special day. We stand by you, ready to transform any dream into a seamless flourish of beauty. Our commitment is to ensure that each petal, each arrangement, and every floral detail contributes to a celebration that truly reflects you. Beyond mere aesthetics, we dedicate ourselves to creating an atmosphere where every bloom is a testament to your unique journey, making your cherished moments unforgettable.

Our Strength

At our core lies the conviction that powerful design is the language of love made visible. Our designs are biographies, each stem and petal a chapter of your story. The dreams that sparked your love, the serendipity of your meeting, and the endearing whimsy that defines your bond are the muses for our creations. We delve into the depths of your narrative, crafting designs that don’t just decorate spaces but celebrate the essence of your occasion.


It's About You

Your voice is the guiding light of our creative journey. We prioritize establishing a sanctuary where your dreams and visions are heard, cherished, and brought to life. Your narrative is the canvas upon which we design, ensuring every creation is a reflection of you.

Meet Alyssa

Your Orlando Based Floral Designer

Alyssa Maldonado, the visionary founder of AMD, is a purveyor of bespoke floral artistry, deeply inspired by the dark romanticism of Edwardian-era England and the picturesque landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. Her creations are eclectic serenities, each telling a unique love story through its organic design.

Alyssa’s journey in design and her insatiable curiosity about the world around her have shaped her approach to floral art. From studying the nuances of color theory and botanicals to understanding the mechanics of a commercial espresso machine and the temperaments of a ceramic kiln, her learning path is as diverse as her designs. This tapestry of knowledge infuses each creation with unique depth and character.

Her meticulous attention to detail and the immersive experiences she crafts have made her a beloved figure in the commitment industry. Alyssa believes in the power of florals as a medium to express the deepest intentions and emotions. Working closely with wedding planners and coordinators, she ensures that each event is not just an occasion but a storied celebration, a reflection of the couple’s journey and dreams.

For Alyssa, creativity is more than an outlet; it’s a means to connect, impact lives positively, and transform a moment into a cherished memory. She takes immense pride in translating her clients’ visions into tangible expressions of love and commitment, making the walk to the altar a journey through a beautifully crafted floral story. At the heart of her work is a profound care for her clients, making every interaction and every arrangement an embodiment of her passion and dedication.

The AMD Brand

Luxury Designs for Every Occasion

At Alyssa Maldonado Design, nestled in the heart of Orlando, we specialize in transforming your stories into breathtaking floral narratives. Our passion lies in creating luxurious, bespoke floral designs that are not just arrangements but expressions of your unique journey. From intimate elopements and grand weddings to corporate events and beyond, our team infuses each event with a touch of luxury and an eye for extraordinary detail.

Timeless Elegance Meets Versatile Floral Artistry

Drawing inspiration from the lush landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and the enigmatic charm of Edwardian-era England, our designs are as versatile as they are exquisite. This adaptability has established us as a top choice for such a diverse array of events in and around Orlando. Our expertise in design is evident in everything we do, capturing both the eye and the heart, regardless of the event’s nature.

Your Vision, Our Passion

We understand the power of flowers to transform spaces and occasions. Whether it’s a chapter in a personal love story or an important corporate milestone, flowers add a layer of beauty. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure that our floral designs provide a stunning backdrop to your most cherished moments.

Your Vision, Our Artistry

Indulge in the Ultimate Floral Experience

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