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Meet Alyssa: Your Orlando Based Floral Designer

The Heart Behind the Florals

Welcome to the enchanting world of Alyssa Maldonado Design, where the art of floral elegance meets personal storytelling. As the heart and soul behind this bespoke Orlando floral studio, I am deeply committed to weaving the narrative of your love into every opulent bouquet and lavish floral arrangement we craft.

A Passion for Floral Narratives

My journey is fueled by a passion for the unique tales that every couple brings to the altar. This love for storytelling blossoms into the meticulous creation of wedding floral designs that reflect your individual journey. Whether it’s the romantic whispers of a bridal bouquet, the luxurious statement of venue flowers, or the harmonious symphony of wedding ceremony flowers, each petal is placed with intention and care.

Luxury Designs for Every Occasion

In the tapestry of life’s celebrations, from the intimate elopements to the grandest of weddings, my team and I bring a touch of luxury to your special day. We pride ourselves on our expertise in flower arranging, sculpting blossoms and blooms into asymmetrical flower arrangements that capture the eye and heart.

Inspired by Nature and Romance

Our design ethos is steeped in creativity, drawing inspiration from the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands to the dark romantics of Edwardian-era England. It’s an approach that has earned us recognition as one of the best wedding florists near Orlando, with a reputation for fresh wedding flowers and designer floral arrangements that are as unique as the couples we serve.

Beyond Flowers: Crafting Memories

At Alyssa Maldonado Design, we understand that your wedding day is more than an event—it’s a chapter in your love story. We are honored to be a part of it, providing you with a floral pattern that is as authentic as your vows. With an eye for the finest details and a commitment to excellence, we don’t just deliver flowers; we deliver the tangible essence of your shared dreams.

The Finale: A Floral Dream Come True

Let us be the luxury florist who brings your vision to life, with a floral designers’ touch that elevates your wedding to an immersive experience. With us, your bridal bouquets, fresh wedding flowers, and every delicate petal in between are more than just elements of decor; they are the narrators of your love story, set to the theme of blossoms and beauty.

Join us at Alyssa Maldonado Design, where your floral fantasies become reality, and where every arrangement is a promise of beauty, elegance, and a celebration of your unique love.

Crafting the Essence of Your Journey: A Tribute to Your Unique Commitment

Our Mission

At AMD, our mission is to transcend the ordinary and craft an extraordinary tableau for your special day. We stand by you, ready to transform any challenge into a seamless flourish of beauty. Our commitment is to ensure that each petal, each arrangement, and every floral detail contributes to a celebration that resonates with joy and elegance. Beyond mere aesthetics, we dedicate ourselves to creating an atmosphere where every bloom is a testament to your unique journey, making your cherished moments unforgettable.


Our Strength

At our core lies the conviction that powerful design is the language of love made visible. Our designs are not just arrangements; they are biographies, each stem and petal a chapter of your story. The dreams that sparked your love, the serendipity of your meeting, and the endearing idiosyncrasies that define your bond are the muses for our creations. We delve into the depths of your narrative, crafting designs that don’t just decorate spaces but celebrate the essence of your union.

Its about you

Your voice is the guiding star of our creative journey. We prioritize establishing a sanctuary where your dreams and visions are heard, cherished, and brought to life. Understanding your unique love story is our pathway to crafting not just floral arrangements, but personalized expressions of your bond. Your narrative is the canvas upon which we design, ensuring every creation is a reflection of you.

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